Payments to CRA using your bank card

In addition to paying your taxes electronically by logging in to your online banking, you may be able to pay CRA by using your bank card, if you have ‘Interac Online’, ‘Visa Debit’, or ‘Mastercard Debit’ on your bank card.   If you do not have such a bank card, you can also pay CRA using Paypal or a credit card, but then you will pay a service fee of over 2%.

Full instructions can be found on the CRA website

My Payment is an electronic service that lets you make payments directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using your bank access card. You cannot use credit cards with My Payment. For credit card payment options, go to Pay by credit card or PayPal.

You need a card with one or more of the following logos:

If your bank card has:

  • an Interac Online logo only, pay with the Interac option.
  • both a Visa Debit logo and an Interac logo, pay with the Visa Debit option.
  • both a Debit MasterCard logo and an Interac logo, pay with the Debit MasterCard option.

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Ask your financial institution about your daily or weekly transaction limit and any fees for making online payments. The CRA does not charge a fee for using the My Payment service.

To ensure the highest security standard, your system should support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2. For more information, go to Setting up your device to use CRA online services.

What you need to use the payment service

To use My Payment you need a card with a Visa debit logo, a Debit MasterCard logo, and/or an Interac Online logo from a participating Canadian financial institution. New cards must be activated before they can be used.Interac Online logo only:Visa Debit logo:

If your bank access card has both a Visa Debit logo and an Interac logo, use the Visa Debit option to pay.Debit MasterCard logo:

If your bank access card has both a Debit MasterCard logo and an Interac logo, use the Debit MasterCard option to pay.

Service standards

My Payment is available 21 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, go to Hours of service.

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