Quickbooks Remote

I am pleased to announce that Eric Mulder has completed the setup of Quickbooks to be run remotely, hosted on my server.

As a result, effective immediately I will be offering to host your Quickbooks Desktop file, so that you can run your Quickbooks Desktop as if it is Quickbooks Online.  As this is run through your web browser, it can be run on any computer, whether Windows or Mac.

The added benefit is that Quickbooks Desktop is a much more mature and robust bookkeeping application than Quickbooks Online.

You can choose to have me host any version of Quickbooks Desktop, whether it is Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Premier or Quickbooks Enterprise, with or without payroll.

If you already have a Quickbooks license, there are no additional license fees.

If you do not have a license, and do not need payroll, right now a Quickbooks Pro license is a one time fee of $250.  For Premier it is a one-time fee of $350.

If you do need payroll, there will be a monthly fee of $46 for Quickbooks Pro, and $58 per month for Quickbooks Premier.  For Quickbooks Enterprise the monthly fee is $300

All these prices are for a one user license.

If you would like to have additional users, we can provide you with costs upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Mulder at 780-464-4623 or emulder@bertmulder.com