TaxCycle celebrates Microsoft Windows® 10 launch

By Stephen King on 7/29/2015

Hooray for Microsoft Windows 10!

After several years of development and beta tested by over 2M users, the new Windows® 10 operating system from Microsoft® was released today. We have been Microsoft fans for years; this is a significant new release for the company and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been testing TaxCycle on Windows® 10 for awhile and we also had offices using the operating system last year to file tax returns. Windows® 10 is solid and TaxCycle works great on it — the combination of the two is a pleasure to use.

TaxCycle works great on Microsoft Windows 10

“On July 29, we will make Windows 10 available, across 190 countries, as a free upgrade or with new PCs and tablets.” ~Microsoft Launch Website

Official launch news and highlights about Microsoft Windows® 10 can be found on their brand new launch website:, and you can find out about the features here:

There are many things we love about Windows® 10. The familiar Start menu is back, smartly integrated with Windows® 8 touch tiles. Windows 10 is so familar, you’ll feel like an expert. It starts up and resumes fast. It has built in security. Works across a myriad of devices. And, over the next five years, it will greatly impact how your firm operates as Microsoft® discontinues older operating systems.


Upgrade for free to Windows® 10 if you have Windows® 8 or Windows® 7.1

Should you upgrade your computers to Windows® 10? Microsoft sure wants you to. That’s why they are offering free upgrades for the next year for users with Windows® 8 or Windows® 7.1 installed (you’ll need to be on the latest service packs). Learn more here:

Part of July 29th’s launch plan is to push an upgrade notification icon in the system tray for all existing Windows® users to help with the upgrade path. Look to the bottom right of your screen on your existing Windows® screen and click it to find out more.

Take TaxCycle with you on a Surfce Pro Tablet

You’ve been able to use TaxCycle on a Microsoft® Surface Pro tablet for some time, but Windows® 10 makes it even more compelling. TaxCycle runs nicely on the Surface Pro 3, making it an invaluable tool for the on-the-go tax professional. With full versions of Microsoft® apps like Word and Excel, it rivals the performance of many desktop systems (but with a touch screen and touchpad). We have several in our office and we love them!


Windows® 10 Action Center


Windows® 10 has developed a new Action Center that displays security, maintenance and automatic updates. You will be able to accept TaxCycle updates directly  in the notification center.

The future TaxCycle is on your Windows® 10 phone, XBox, phablet …

We’re excited by future Windows® 10 device support. The Microsoft® Build conference in May 2015 showed off a Windows® phone as a “desktop computer in your pocket.” Imagine all the apps on your work computer at your fingertips when visiting clients.