10 new features in the 2014-15 TaxCycle Suite

by Elizabeth (Trilogy Software) on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 2:00 AM

Our software developers and tax analysts are hard at work completing a beefy list of new features for you to enjoy this season. Here’s a list of 10 of our favourites…

Create a choose options profiles for sharing

1. Options Profiles

Possibly the most-popular feature requested by our customers… An easy way to share and control options for everyone in your office.

  • Create an Options Profile to share options on your office network
  • Export options for import onto another computer
  • Enjoy the flexibility to choose which options to share and lock down

2. No-click Family tax cut optimizations

With the announcement of the federal Family Tax Cuts, look for improved optimizations of family and dependant credits this season.

TaxCycle T1 will choose the best person to claim fitness, arts, tuition, donation, infirm, caregiver and adoption amounts. You will no longer need to select the “claimed by” taxpayer or spouse drop-down lists.

For Family Tax Cuts calculations, the optimization will run automatically in the background, so the you are always getting the best return for your clients.

3. Slip data download from CRA

We all loved the download from CRA Represent a Client last year. This year, it will also include data download from any slips that are already accessible on the Represent a Client website.

4. VisualTax® and Taxprep® carry forwards

We’re adding full T1 and T2 carry forwards from VisualTax® this year to help preparers switch to TaxCycle.

The Taxprep® T1 and T2 carry forwards will include much more data than they did in the preview we released this summer.

Make your own custom outline for DoxCycle5. DoxCycle custom document outlines

The next big thing in DoxCycle this year is the ability to create your own Outlines. Name folders as you wish, and decide which kinds of documents appear where and in what order.

This will be included in the the next update along with a host of other great enhancements like exporting multiple pages to PDF.

6. T2 optimizations and more…

The next TaxCycle T2 release is due in the next few weeks. Look for:

  • Optimizations of T2 tax credits
  • T1044 non-profit return preparation within TaxCycle T2
  • Support for credit unions and non-resident corporations
  • AgriStability forms
  • Extended filing certification for corporate year ends up until April 2015
  • Taxprep and VisualTax carry forwards

7. T1135 electronic filing

The CRA has announced electronic filing will be available for the T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement in the new year. We’re adding electronic filing to the Transmit pane in any tax modules that contain the T1135.

8. Attach documents to fields

  • Attach any kind of document (spreadsheet, docx, pdf) to any field in TaxCycle
  • Easily tell which fields contain attachments
  • Preview documents on mouse hover
  • Attach specific DoxCycle pages
  • Add multiple documents to the same field

9. e-Courier integration

We announced this earlier in the fall. We’re adding integration with e-Courier in both DoxCycle and TaxCycle so you can securely send documents to your clients.

10. DoxCycle Undo/Redo

Undo and redo almost any action in DoxCycle with Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts.