5 reasons TaxCycle’s Client Manager will change the way you work

by Elizabeth (Trilogy Software) on Thursday, October 24, 2013 9:00 PM

New this tax season, TaxCycle’s Client Manager will change the way your work with tax returns and serve clients.

The Client Manager keeps track of your client tax return files and makes it easy to search for taxpayers, returns and details in client files. You can set it up on one computer or share it over a network so everyone in your office sees the same information. In tech-speak, this is done using a database you set up on one computer (the server) to which any number of other computers can connect.

1. Simple setup

These days, you shouldn’t need a diploma in network administration to set up and share this kind of information with others in your office.

The Client Manager’s three-step server set up wizard makes it simple for you to configure the server on your computer and share it on your network.

For connecting to the server from other computers, TaxCycle automatically discovers available servers. So, it’s one-click to connect any computer in the office.

Oh, and if you want to keep a private server just for your computer, you can do that too.

Simple client manager setup in TaxCycle

2. Fast, flexible, comprehensive search

Just as TaxCycle’s F4 Fast Find makes it easy to search for forms and data within a tax return, the Client Manager search does that across many tax returns.

Type a taxpayer or company name, reference/ID, email address, phone number, slip issuer or description, SIN, invoice number, tax year, forms used in the return, etc… and the results show up right away.

Don’t waste time selecting what kind of search you want to do and then typing the search term. That’s so last century! Just type what comes to mind.

If you need inspiration, a set of quick links for common searches give you out of the box options too. For the power-users out there, advanced data-mining filters let you hone that list to just the records you want.

3. Search for ProFile® and Cantax® files too!

For those of you with legacy files in Cantax® or ProFile® software, the Client Manager will index, search and open those for you too.

For example, if you want to check on an outstanding ProFile® invoice from 2011 or 2012, search for the invoice number in TaxCycle’s Client Manager and then click the link to open the invoice in ProFile®.

If you ever have to go back to your old Cantax® or ProFile® software to complete an older return, that return will be automatically picked up by Client Manager. Just as with TaxCycle files, the server actively monitors the folders where you save the returns, so it automatically updates when new files are added.

(Who said switching to new tax software means you start from scratch?)

4. Preview data and understand relationships

Once you click on a search result, there’s a wealth of information at your disposal because the Client Manager keeps track of thousands of details about each person, company and file.

For each TaxCycle file, a detailed file preview shows you at a glance the current EFILE status, refund and amount owing, invoice amount and number, who last worked on the file and what that last change was, etc… It even lists each slip so you can find issuers really fast.

Understand the relationships between taxpayers right away and quickly jump between related people, such as spouses and dependants. For companies, see the T2, T4 and T5 information together in one place.

Of course, DoxCycle files are also neatly connected within each client’s record so you are never far from your client source documents and archived PDFs.

5. Save time with batch carry forward and EFILE

Because the Client Manager indexes returns from other tax software, batch carry forward is a breeze, even during the year you switch to TaxCycle.

And even though EFILE Online Plus is going away for this coming tax season doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the efficiencies of filing several returns at once. With the Client Manager, you can hone your list to those returns that are ready to file and queue them up for quick filing one after the other.

You’ve sold me. How do I get it?

The Client Manager is included in all the Everything Combos, whether you buy Entrepreneur (1 or 2 users), Ensemble (3 to 9 users) or Enterprise (10 users and above).

If you’re buying à la carte to build your own bundle, it’s included in TaxCycle T1 and TaxCycle T2 if you buy at the Ensemble (3 to 9 users) or Enterprise (10 users and above) levels. For everything else, you can add it to your order for $100.

I want to see it in action? Can I try it out?

The Client Manager will soon be included in our trial download. Watch this blog for news of its release.

Meanwhile, sign up for one of the TaxCycle Fall Seminars to see a demo live.