DoxCycle 2.3 Release: Manual slip entry, slip validation and new categories

by Elizabeth (Trilogy Software) on Friday, March 22, 2013 1:00 PM

Download the DoxCycle 2.3 release to add boxes to slips from which DoxCycle doesn’t automatically extract data so you can post them to tax returns. Also included in this release: validation of extracted T4 boxes, new categories or organizing documents and memos added to TaxCycle when posting ambiguous values.

Manually adding boxes and posting slip data

In response to a customer request, you can now add boxes to slips from which DoxCycle doesn’t automatically extract data. This allows you to manually enter slip data in DoxCycle and still post it to your tax software.

The person scanning source documents can prepare additional slips for posting to TaxCycle and ProFile® software—even if those slips don’t include extracted data.

You can add boxes to the following slips:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Add missing boxes to DoxCycle slipsCreate a DoxCycle file for your client.
  2. Link the file to a TaxCycle or ProFile® tax return.
  3. Scan in a T3T4AT4PST4RIFT4RSP,T101T2202T2202A or TL11A slip and go to it.
  4. Click on the Add Missing Box icon (under the REVIEW tab), or press Shift+Alt+X.
  5. Click on the slip to place the box. (Hold down the Shift key when you click to add another box without clicking the icon again. Press Esc to return to a normal cursor.)
  6. Select the box number from the first drop-down.
  7. Enter the amount in the second field.
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 8 to place more boxes.
  9. When you’ve added all the boxes, press thePOST button to transfer the slip amounts to the linked tax return.

You can add boxes in a DoxCycle file that is not linked to a tax return. However, you won’t see the POST button until you link the files. So, one person could enter data and another could link the return and post the amounts later.

Of course, DoxCycle still automatically extracts data from T4T5T4A(P)T4A(OAS)T4ERC62 andR210 slips. To learn more, see help on posting slips to TaxCycle and ProFile®.

Validation of extracted slip data

DoxCycle now validates data extracted from T4 slips and flags any problematic amounts.

For example, if the employment income in box 14 is an unlikely small number, possibly because DoxCycle couldn’t read some of the numbers, a warning icon will appear. Hover your cursor over the warning symbol to see the message.

Validation of amounts on T4 slips

Currently, DoxCycle only validates amounts extracted from T4 slips, however a similar flag will appear for missing box numbers on other slip types as well.

While DoxCycle will detect and warn you about some irregularities in extracted data, it cannot catch every error. The messages are designed to help you catch obviously wrong amounts. However, you should still review all extracted box numbers and amounts before posting.

Adding TaxCycle memos for ambiguous values

If DoxCycle encounters something ambiguous when posting to TaxCycle, it adds a memo to the field in TaxCycle reminding you to review the field.

For example, when posting the value from box 24 on a T4RIF slip, DoxCycle cannot identify what type of excess amount it refers to (withdrawal or amounts transferred to a RRIF or RRSP), so it adds a memo to the field.

Sample TaxCycle  memo on the T4RIF

Review mark keyboard shortcuts

To keep DoxCycle keyboard shortcuts consistent with TaxCycle’s, we changed the keyboard shortcuts add review marks to a document in the index:


  • Ctrl+8 – single checkmark
  • Ctrl+9 – double checkmark
  • Ctrl+0 – remove the checkmark

New document categories

This release adds new types for classifying documents:

  • Capital Gains Summary
  • Foreign
  • Business Income
  • Business Expense

Sort by received date in Acquired view

You can now sort the Acquired view in the document index by date acquired, so the list shows the most recently added documents first or last. To do this:

  1. Go to the index on the far left of the DoxCycle window.
  2. Select Acquired from the drop downlist at the top of the index.
  3. Click the RECEIVED button at the top right to reorder the documents.

An arrow pointing down puts the most recently-added documents first. An arrow pointing up shows the documents in the order they were added (most recent last).

Fixed: Crash when saving

This release fixes a customer-reported issue with DoxCycle occasionally crashing when saving a file. Thank you to the customers who reported this issue.

Get the update today

Already have DoxCycle installed? Open DoxCycle and the update downloads automatically. Close DoxCycle to install. Otherwise, download the latest full setup program from the website.