DoxCycle Update: Post T4A(P) and Royal Bank T5 slips

by Elizabeth (Trilogy Software) on Thursday, February 28, 2013 10:00 AM

This DoxCycle update improves posting slip data to TaxCycle and ProFile® software and a few other enhancements.

Updates and Fixes

  • Post T4A(P) slip data from DoxCycle to your tax software has been fixed.
  • DoxCycle now recognizes and extracts data from a new Royal Bank T5 slip layout.
  • The percentage is now correctly extracted and posted from T4E slips.
  • New document types for property tax and rent receipts help you better categorize these documents.

Amounts won’t post to calculated fields

We’ve received comments about boxes not posting from DoxCycle to TaxCycle and ProFile®, such asboxes 24 and 26—EI insurable earnings and CPP/QPP pensionable earnings.

DoxCycle extracts the boxes and amounts from the slip but never posts them to the tax return.

This is currently intended behaviour as these boxes are calculated fields in TaxCycle. Posting the amounts would override the calculations in the tax return (something that we try to avoid).

Calculated fields are not overriden when posting data to TaxCycle

We plan to add basic validation of these calculated fields to DoxCycle in an upcoming release. For example, to check that an extracted box doesn’t exceed the maximum pensionable earnings. Longer term, we hope to incorporate more validation of extract box amounts that may conflict with TaxCycle’s calculations.

In the meantime, please visually double-check extracted amounts against the original slip.

Always review amounts before posting

DoxCycle’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is amazing technology, but the variation in slips and scan quality can result in less-than-perfect data extraction.

For example, if DoxCycle can’t extract the box number but does grab the amount in the box, it can’t figure out where to post that amount in the tax return.

This is why we always recommend you review extracted box numbers and amounts before posting them to TaxCycle or ProFile®.

Get the DoxCycle update now

If you already have DoxCycle installed, open your existing software and let it download the update automatically. Then, close and re-open to install. Otherwise, you can download the latest full setup program from this website.